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The UK Limited Company

UK companies are the cheapest and most flexible of companies within the European Union. For this reason, thousands of business leaders all over Europe don't think about incorporating a local company, but do all their local business through a British company.


We can incorporate within four hours, according to your specifications. Our incorporation, includes the following package, giving the company a professional feel right from the start.

  This is issued by The Registrar of Companies after incorporation. It shows your Company Name, the Registered Company Number and Date of Incorporation of your new company.
  These show the rules for the running of your company. They show what the company can do by law, where its registered office should be, how much share capital can be issued etc.
  The Articles of Association contain the detailed regulations for the running of your company, including, rules on the allotment and transfer of shares, the appointment and removal of directors, conduct of board and general meetings, etc.
  These forms are your proof that our nominee shareholders no longer own the shares issued on incorporation. Keep these forms safe and no stamp duty is payable on the transfer because no payment was requested or made.
  Within one month of the allotment of shares, a return on Form 88(2) must be delivered to Companies House.
  These forms should be completed and returned to us within 10 days from the appointment of a Director or Secretary. Almost anyone, of any nationality, anywhere in the world can be appointed a company director. - We can act as Company Secretary for your company if required.
  These forms should be completed and returned to us if a director or secretary resigns.
  A company's financial year will end one year after incorporation. Should you wish to change it to say March or December you change it by completing form 225.
  The Registered Office is the company's address in England or Wales to which formal communications are sent, it may be the business address, the directors home address, the accountants address etc but it must be a real address not a P O Box number. We can provide a Registered Office for your company if required.
  A certificate of non-trading is a certificate that we supply guaranteeing your company has not traded or incurred any liabilities prior to it being transferred to you.
  Here is where you record the issue of shares, the transfer of shares, the appointment and resignation of officers, minutes of board meetings etc.
  A share certificate or stock certificate is a written instrument evidencing the legal title to shares in the company.










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