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CYPRUS (EU) company:
(with EU VAT number)

Incorporation and fiduciary services

  • Assisting in the incorporation process.
  • Drafting Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Obtaining all necessary permits for registration.
  • Arranging the provision of registered office.
  • Arranging the provision of nominee shareholders.
  • Arranging the appointment of local directors and company secretary.

Corporate administration services

  • Handling corporate changes.
  • Handling statutory filing requirements.
  • Maintaining statutory records.
  • Arranging the opening and operation of bank accounts.
  • Providing telephone, email and fax services.
  • Providing company secretarial support.
  • Dealing with Central Bank and other local authority issues.

Companies established in Cyprus and their foreign employees enjoy many privileges.  A summary of these is given below together with details of the facilities and concessions extended to international companies.

  • No withholding of tax on dividends.
  • Full tax exemption on profits of international business partnerships.
  • Full tax exemption on profits of international business branches if their management and control is outside Cyprus.
  • All expenses incurred for the earning of income, as well as annual allowances on fixed assets, are allowed as a tax deduction.
  • Full estate duty exemption on inheritance of shares in an international business company.
  • Full capital gains tax exemption on capital gains, except on sale of immovable property situated in Cyprus.
  • Full exemption from local social insurance schemes in respect of foreign employees of international business entities.
  • Full stamp duty exemption on contracts entered into by international business entities.
  • Foreign employees of international business entities providing their service in Cyprus, are liable to Cyprus income tax at a rate equal to half the normal Cyprus rates.  Normal rates range from nil to 40% and, therefore, the maximum tax rate of such employees is 20%.
  • Foreign employees of international business companies living and working outside Cyprus are exempt from income tax if they are paid through a bank operating in Cyprus.  If such employees are paid directly abroad they are taxed at a rate equal to one-tenth of the standard rates and, therefore, their maximum tax rate is 4%.
  • Full import duty exemption for the importation or purchase of cars, office and household equipment (except furniture and air-conditioning equipment) for the use of the of the international business entity and its foreign employees if the international business entity maintains a fully fledged office in Cyprus.
  • Residence and work permits for the foreign employees and residence permits for their families can be readily obtained if they maintain an office in Cyprus.
  • Freely transferable currency accounts can be kept both in Cyprus and abroad.
  • No exchange control restrictions.



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